[DONE] Let's bring Guix / PantherX to Rasperry Pi

Inspired by a post on the mailing list Status of Guix System on Raspberry Pi?, I’m creating this topic to keep track of the latest developments and as a reminder for myself.

  • Raspberry Pi 3 - unsupported
  • Raspberry Pi 4 - supported
  • Compute Module 4 - supported

As of 21 September 2022

Latest Changes

This patch series adds support for the Raspberry Pi. It allows to use ‘sudo -E guix system init … /mnt’ with the root partition mounted at /mnt and the boot partition mounted at /mnt/boot/efi, as you would expect it for a PC with UEFI. Installing for netboot is possible as well.

It is currently not possible to build an image with this patch series, because of the intercepting handling for efi system image creation.

Existing resources

  • raspi-arm64-chainloader; based on rpi-open-firmware: Unfortunately there’s nobody to develop this further and many features are currently unsupported.

Edit: Updated supported models.

More info here: PantherX on Raspberry Pi 4

For SEEED reTerminal or Raspberry Computer Module 4, checkout PantherX on SEEED reTerminal (Raspberry Compute Module 4). We’ve published our first image, and others will follow as soon as we get our hands on some more Raspberry 3 / 4.


just want to let you know, that the image works on the Raspberry PI 400 as well. Do you have a config with graphics mode enabled (X or Wayland)?

Thank you for your work

Hi Enno,

thanks for reaching out. It’s great to hear it’s running on the Pi 400. Thanks for trying it out. We currently run SLiM with Openbox but in theory it should work with other login managers and desktop environments. I’ve been meaning to try LXQt on it but haven’t found the time.

I’d suggest to start by adding a login manager to your config: X Window (GNU Guix Reference Manual)