New System Configuration Options in Beta 3

With Beta 3 we are bringing some new convenience features to your system configuration. Specifically, it is now easier to:

  1. Modify your firewall (add / remove open ports) #:open-ports
  2. Add a SSH key to access your system remotely #:authorized-keys

Previously you had to inherit and overwrite both default firewall and SSH daemon configuration which resulted in large, unnecessary blocks in system.scm. Now that’s compressed in 3-4 lines:

(define %ssh-public-key
  "ssh-ed25519 AAAAC3NzaF1lZSJANJQ5AKKKIP7gcASKK1KAM71dl1OC0GqpgciosaaJ4QydPg panther")

#:open-ports '(("tcp" "ssh"))
#:authorized-keys `(("root" ,(plain-file "" %ssh-public-key))

For a common web server, open-ports would look like this:

#:open-ports '(("tcp" "ssh" "http" "https"))

For more detailed examples, refer to our wiki at: