PantherX Beta 1 is here

We are finally live! This is the first public release of PantherX OS (Beta 1).

The 1.0 PantherX OS release is not expected before August 2022 and a majority of this time will go towards fine-tuning and realizing the interface we have envisioned. This is an early taste but still very much vanilla LXQt.

What to expect

This is a beta release, so please keep a few things in mind:

  • We do not accept bug reports at this time
  • We do not provide support except for occasional forum comments
  • We try to release updates on a weekly basis
  • We will publish our source repositories on git soonish

With that being said, we are working exclusively on PantherX OS and I myself do virtually everything on the system without any major issues. In fact, after years on MacOS and the months on various other Linux distributions, I have found PantherX to be much more reliable. If you do ever run into any issues after an update, simply reboot and roll-back your system in literally 1 second.

Have a great time on PantherX OS


Refer to our Wiki for the ISO download link and notes on how-to get started. If you’re familiar, this shouldn’t take more than 10-20 minutes: Installation guide