PantherX Beta 2

PantherX Beta 2 is set to be released on Monday, 6th September 2021.

Update: PantherX Beta 2 is now available to anybody running Beta 1 (refer to " Update from Beta 1" below). We will make the ISO’s available within 2-3 days after resolving a few smaller issues we have discovered during a “fresh” installation.

Notable changes since Beta 1

We have closed over 80 issues since our last release.


  • Hub application has new “Overview”
  • Online Accounts shows OAuth Usernames for existing accounts
  • All Online Accounts provider (Yahoo, iCloud, Fastmail, …) now optionally setup Claws Mail
  • Software now makes it easier to follow install and update process
  • Online Accounts and Hub now support Discourse (Forum)
  • New Settings application with all system preferences in one place


  • Software with multiple screenshots no longer stack
  • Hub panel plugin without accounts shows a help text
  • Gimp no longer crashes when copying parts of an image


  • Replaced default browser Falkon with Firefox
  • Removed qtox (Jami is much more user-friendly for the moment)
  • Replaced clipboard manager qlipper with copyq

This list will be updated as we approach the release date.

Get PantherX Beta 2

Update from Beta 1

If you are already running PantherX Beta 1, there’s two ways to upgrade.

Note: We usually differentiate between System (global) and User (user-specific) updates. The system update installs the latest version of PantherX OS as well as all default applications (+ those that you have manually added to your system configuration /etc/system.scm). The user update installs the latest version of applications, that you have installed yourself, to your user profile.

Let me give a very plain example with two users, where the first user franz runs (1) a system update, and then (2) a user application update.

default application (global)
- Firefox version 1.0
-> This will be updated (system) to v1.1

franz (admin) application
- Blender version 1.0
-> This will be updated (user application) to v1.1

mike application
- Blender version 1.0
-> This will not be updated

The next time mike logs-in, he will benefit from the system and security updates, but the application he uses daily, has not changed. Whenever he is ready, he can trigger the update himself.

(1) Software

To update your system:

  1. Go to Menu > System Tools > Software
  2. In the Software application, look for System > Updates
  3. Click on “Update all”

To update user applications and packages:

  1. In the Software application, look for Your Apps > Updates
  2. Click on “Update all”

(2) Terminal

Simply open a terminal, and update your system:

su - root # you will be prompted for your root password
px update apply

Next, update your user applications and packages (as user!):

whoami # ensure this shows your username
px update apply

That’s it.

Install from scratch

If you haven’t installed PantherX OS yet, start here.