PantherX Beta 4 goes live

We’ve polished our login screen and fixed some font related issues:

Overall the work on the desktop is processing well and our favorite features like Hub become more useful:

Some changes since Beta 3 include:

  • Fixed a memory leak and improved startup-time for Hub
  • Fixed related to accounts management (secrets handling)
  • You can now reveal previously saved passwords in Settings
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Wiki files to render properly
  • Misc changes related to the GUI library
  • New fonts for support of Asian languages (90% size reduction)
  • Revised login screen
  • New welcome screen (initial setup)

We also have a brand new alpha version of our new installer ready. It’s command-line based right now, but we have made it as easy as possible while we work on a GUI-based version.

It’s as easy as px-install.

Get it while it’s hot

Download the ISO from our Wiki at