PantherX Beta 5

We are pleased to announce the release of PantherX Beta 5.

Notable changes since Beta 4

We have closed 43 issues.


  • More reliable installation; various bug fixes and helpers for px-install
  • px update apply and guix time-machine now works as expected
  • Depreciation warning related to swap-devices
  • LXQt Admin (issue related to pkexec)


  • Pinned Kernel release at 5.15.6 to provide a more predicable experience.
    • We will test new Kernel releases extensively before releasing them on rolling
    • You can always opt for the latest, or other Kernel release, via system config
  • Improvements on GUI library


  • Settings: Maintenance (initial preview)
  • Time tracking supports Gitlab and GitHub
  • Early preview of Contacts App (Alpha release with Etebase integration)

Download the ISO from our Wiki at