PantherX Beta 6

We are pleased to announce the release of PantherX Beta 6.

Notable changes since Beta 5

We have closed 36 issues.


  • Accounts plugin execution failure
  • px-install wifi-setup is more reliable
  • Installer retry mechanism is more robust
  • Vscode / Vscodium: Exec format error


  • LXQt v1.1.0
  • Linux v5.17.9
  • Time tracking: Switch to new task after saving


  • Secret sharing: Share by identifier
  • Time tracking: Tag tasks
  • Time tracking: Edit projects after saving
  • px-install run supports full disk encryption
  • Hardware templates (Pending Docs; source)
(use-modules (gnu)
             (px hardware lenovo)
             (px system install))

  (host-name "laptop")
  (timezone "Europe/Berlin")
  (bootloader (bootloader-configuration
               (bootloader grub-bootloader)
               (targets '("/dev/sda"))))
  (file-systems (cons (file-system
                       (device "/dev/sda1")
                       (mount-point "/")
                       (type "ext4"))
  (users (cons (user-account
                (name "panther")
                (comment "default user")
                (group "users")
                (supplementary-groups '("wheel" "audio" "video")))
 #:templates (list %lenovo-thinkpad-t450-template))

Download the ISO from our Wiki at