Run the latest Geth (1.10.25)

Sometimes packages aren’t updated as quickly as you need them, or you want to test a unstable version without writing a package. Here’s how-to do it:

Get the latest download URL from here (; ex.:

cd /tmp

Extract the file:

$ tar -zxvf geth-linux-amd64-1.10.25-69568c55.tar.gz 

Move into a more permanent location:

mkdir ~/bin
mv geth-linux-amd64-1.10.25-69568c55/geth ~/bin/


$ ~/bin/geth

INFO [10-09|18:46:27.516] Starting Geth on Ethereum mainnet... 
INFO [10-09|18:46:27.518] Bumping default cache on mainnet         provided=1024 updated=4096
INFO [10-09|18:46:27.523] Maximum peer count                       ETH=50 LES=0 total=50
INFO [10-09|18:46:27.558] Set global gas cap                       cap=50,000,000

If you’re seeing warnings like these:

WARN [10-09|19:14:54.538] Post-merge network, but no beacon client seen. Please launch one to follow the chain!

here’s what seems to be a good guide to setup a beacon client and connect to geth: