Sync TiddlyWiki between Android and PantherX Desktop

There’s various ways to keep Desktop and Android (even iOS) in sync, but some are broken (recent Firefox updates), require too much work (node.js server), or are simply too heavy (the desktop app goes for ~200MB).

Here’s an approach that works today, but only on Chrome. This is assuming Syncthing is already configured on your computer. If you are running PantherX Desktop, that should be the case.



  1. Install Chrome with guix package -i ungoogled-chromium
  2. Get a copy of TiddlyWiki ( look for “Download”. Now you should have a file called empty.html in your Downloads folder).

Now we will install the auto-save plugin.

  1. Open empty.html in Chrome
  2. In a seperate tab, go to slaymaker1907's TiddlyWiki Plugins — a non-linear personal web notebook
  3. Literally drag that box “HTML Native File System Saver …” over to the tab with the empty.html, and drop it

Now simply save the wiki (Chrome will download a new copy to your Downloads folder), and move the new file to your Syncthing folder. In my case, that’s at /home/franz/Dropbox (yes, that’s just the name “Dropbox”; it’s powered by Syncthing).


Now simply open the file you moved (/home/franz/Dropbox/notes.html) in Chrome. You should be greeted with a dialog like this:

Click on “Save”. You might be prompted for the location again; Just select the file again.

That’s it. Now whenever you press that little “Save” icon in TiddlyWiki, /home/franz/Dropbox/notes.html will be updated.


Now this part is real easy; I’m assuming you already have Syncthing setup on your phone, and paired with your PantherX Destkop (because, why wouldn’t you - it’s awesome!).

  1. Get the Android app: (or “Tiddloid” on F-Droid)
  2. Select the notes.html from your Syncthing folder on Android

That’s it; Every time you press “Save changes” on Android, these will sync right back to your Desktop.

Final word of caution

Please keep in mind that this will work only on one device at a time. That means, if you modify TiddlyWiki on Android, you will have to re-load that file on Desktop (and vice-versa).

Enjoy :smile: